Wall Hangings Of Vintage Antiques And Memorabilia

26 July 2017
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When you collect vintage antiques and memorabilia, you should have all items professionally framed to preserve and protect them. Once framed, you can exhibit your personal collection on the walls of your home or office. Here are some examples of vintage collectibles that can be framed and displayed on your walls:

Historical Letters And Signatures:  If you collect handwritten letters and signatures of famous people, you can make an interesting display for your wall. Take your collected letters and signatures to a frame shop and have them framed under glass in matching wood frames. Signatures of famous people can be framed together in a single frame with each signature recessed from the top glass by a single or double mat. Handwritten letters can be matted and framed separately before they are hung together on a wall.

Botanical Drawings:  Drawings of vintage botanicals can make an attractive display when hung together on a wall. To unify the display, frame all of the drawings in matching wood or metal frames. Chose simple frames that do not distract from the botanical drawings.

Fabric and Embroidery Art:  A collection of vintage hand-painted fabrics and embroidery can be stretched on round fabric hoops to display them and keep them flat. These hoops can be mounted directly on a wall or displayed under glass to protect them from ambient dust and pollution.

Antique Tapestries:  Hand-woven antique tapestries can be hung side-by-side to create a wall of color and textural patterns. These tapestries can be hung on rods so that they can occasionally be removed for cleaning.

Baseball Memorabilia:  Vintage baseball cards can be exhibited in a hanging glass display case with rows of cards organized by teams. Each card can rest on a small shelf so they can be taken out and examined. Vintage baseballs from important games can also be displayed on shelves in a glass display case beside the baseball cards. It is customary for many baseball players to sign the baseballs that were in play during important games. A glass display case can allow viewers to see the signatures without handling the baseballs.

Vintage Metal Signage:  Vintage metal signs and graphics can make a colorful presentation when hung together on a wall. To preserve the historical value of each metal sign, a thin wood frame and wood back support can be cut to size to facilitate hanging each piece on a wall. Shaped metal signs can be hung next to square and rectangle signs to create an eclectic grouping.

Whatever vintage antiques and memorabilia you collect, professional framing should be done for long-term storage and display. Discuss your personal collection with a frame shop and a cabinet maker who can work with you to create the best way to keep your collection safe and display it well. With research and creativity, you can have an attractive presentation of your personal collection that no one else can duplicate. For more information, contact companies like Yesterday's Best.